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At Mobyd, we are programmatic and data-driven experts who are passionate about gathering the world’s best programmatic platforms into a single user-interface. Years of experience running mobile campaigns and studying analytics and user behaviour data which enable us to meet your goals.

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Our advanced technology empowers advertisers to run campaigns, focusing on REACHING BRANDING AND PERFORMANCE GOALS, and combines all the solutions that are necessary for them:




Brand Safety by ComScore

Since 2016 YDigital Media through MOBYD, our programmatic platform, has partnered with ComScore to audit our world wide traffic on the following dimensions: Viewability, Geographic Accuracy, Brand Safe Environment and Anti-fraud.

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Mobyd provides a user-friendly interface to quickly setup and efficiently manage campaigns. Our unique value comes from providing a one-stop-shop for mobile advertisers and trading desks, including an advanced data-driven algorithm, and intuitive and detailed reporting tool.


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